The Best States Of America For Tourism

New York State

New York is a favorite spot for local and international tourists as well. This is due to the presence of the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and Times Square; in addition, New York is home to art lovers because of its many museums and galleries, which contains more than two million paintings reflecting a 5,000-year history, the New Year celebration is one of the most important events held annually at Times Square.

State of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations due to the presence of Hollywood and many celebrities. In addition to the beaches that attract tourists, besides the huge shopping spots on Rodeo Street and Beverly Hills, it is also known as a place that draws the attention of adults and children alike because of Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Washington State

  Washington is the capital of the United States of America, it is an ideal place to learn about the history of the states, especially because it contains the memorial of Franklin Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, one of the most important reasons why Washington is one of the most famous states is that tourists can visit museums, galleries, and memorials for free.


  Arizona’s main attraction is the Grand Canyon, this park is a sanctuary of nature and provides tourists with a lesson on history and anthropology. This valley was formed on the banks of the Colorado River 20 million years ago; one of the activities that a tourist can do during his visit is camping there.


The most popular destinations in Montana are Yellowstone National Park, this park is characterized by the presence of wild animals such as buffalo, bear and mountain lion, this state is famous for the nature of its mountains; even the name Montana means “mountain” in Spanish. It is because of the beauty of this state, that I quit my job at to become a park ranger and part time blogger in the state.

How to spend your one Day Trip to Las Vegas

Perhaps you already know Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World and a destination that’s best known for fulfilling fantasies. The thought of traveling or rather exploring a city with only twenty four hours at your disposal is hard enough. However, there’s no shortage of things to do in a day in a twenty-four-hour city like Las Vegas. The tricky part could be on deciding on which activities to do and which ones to leave. Here’s how you can spend your limited time if you’re in Las Vegas for just a day. 

Go Wandering Las Vegas Strip

Many travelers only think of the things Las Vegas has to offer at night since this happens to be the time when the city comes alive. Well, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do during the day. Why not enjoy an early morning stroll down the Las Vegas Strip? This is a great way to start your day. Start at one end of the Strip and enjoy your stroll making your way to the other. You don’t have to stop at every attraction you see between the Four Seasons and the Stratosphere. You can then grab your breakfast at a restaurant inside the Cosmopolitan or at the Fashion Show Mall. 

Take in some Art and Explore Museums

If you’re visiting with your family, exploring the interactive displays at the Discovery Children’s Museum will allow your children to learn about art, science, and much more. The Luxor Hotel and Casino features over two hundred and fifty artifacts recovered from the Titanic. The Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas features artifacts and interactive displays that serve as crime memorabilia. Art lovers will love the creativity on display at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. 

Visit some Dolphins

Bring your family to The Mirage and feel the ground rumbling as the man-made volcano on site shoots fire into the air. The Mirage also features a mini zoo with the world-famous white tigers as well an aquarium with dolphins. Be sure to catch one of the dolphin shows inside the Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden before leaving. 

Head Downtown for Lunch and Shopping

Downtown Las Vegas is lined up with entertainment venues, family-friendly, attractions, restaurants, and shops. So you won’t just be coming here to eat. Grab your meal at one of the restaurants before taking a stroll down Fremont Street towards the Container Park. The Shopping opportunities at Container Park in downtown Las Vegas are just endless. 

Enjoy some Zip Lining

It’s important that you hit the two-level zip line stretching down Fremont Street after your lunch has settled. If you’re more courageous and feel adventurous, why not start with the higher option? Otherwise, enjoy the thirty-second thrill ride at 23.5 meters or 34.7 meters on the two-level zip line. 

Explore Las Vegas on a Helicopter Tour 

There’s no better way to truly see and explore Sin City than taking a helicopter tour. The tour allows you to not only see the stunning beauties of the Las Vegas Strip but also enjoy the spectacular sight of the surrounding desert formations in this area. It might seem like a pricey trip, but the 3D ride is worth it!

See a Show and Visit the Fountains

 Check out your favorite star’s tour stop to the World’s Entertainment Capital and plan your visit around that time. Las Vegas hosts many world-class performers and musicians throughout the year. You can as well catch a show at one of the hotels on the Strip. Your night shouldn’t end before you stop by the iconic Bellagio Fountains and take in the beautiful sight. 

Don’t worry about what you couldn’t be able to see or explore. It’s best you get some rest as you prepare for your next adventure the following day.